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Availability, Reliability and Efficiency
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Publication and Download Links

For a complete list, please go to our publications page.

Selected papers:
TaxDC [ASPLOS '16], Tail at Store [FAST '16], ManyLogs [MSST '16],
SAMC [OSDI '14], CBS [SoCC '14], Drill [SoCC '14],
Limplock/Limpware [SoCC '13], Fate/Destini [NSDI '11]

Project/download links:
SAMC, Cloud Bug Study (CBS)


Cloud computing era is here. As more and more computing tasks depend on cloud computing, the availability, reliability, and efficiency of cloud services are becoming more and more important. Unfortunately, major dependability problems still take place even recently. Some cloud infrastructures experienced major outages. Some customer data were permanently lost. To sum up, it seems that the computing forecast for tomorrow is "cloudy with a chance of failure."

In UCARE lab (UChicago systems research on Availability, Reliability and Efficiency), we are improving the dependability of storage and cloud computing systems in the context of (1) performance stability, specifically about managing "limpware", (2) reliability, specifically about combating distributed concurrency bugs, and (3) scalability, specifically about finding latent scalability bugs.


  • Haryadi Gunawi
  • PhDs:
  • Tanakorn Leesatapornwongsa (Joined '12)
  • Riza Suminto ('13)
  • Shiqin Yan ('14)
  • Hao (Michael) Tong
  • Mingzhe Hao ('15)
  • Huan Ke ('16)
  • Jeffrey Lukman
  • Huaicheng Li
  • Cesar Stuardo
  • Masters:
  • Xueyin Wang
  • Alexandra Clark
  • Undergrads:
  • Sonja Li
  • Harry Houze Wang
  • Zixiong Liu

  • Alumni: (@: "now at")
  • PhDs: Thanh Do '14 (@ Google Labs)
  • MS: Murphy Zhang, Cheng Wu, Bo Fu, Linda Xu, Tiratat Patana-anake, Morenvino Mochtar, Joseph O'Harrow
  • BS: Nora Sandler, Joe Ellis
  • Sponsors

    We would like to thank:

    • National Science Foundation, Grants# CNS-1350499, CCF-1336580, and CCF-1321958
    • EMC
    • Google
    • Huawei
    • NetApp
    • NMC PRObE testbed
    • Utah Emulab network testbed